The Difference Between Bill Garlington and Stephanie Murphy

“Americanism”- We the People vs The Status Quo

Bill Garlington

Stephanie Murphy

Conservative based – over 40 years

Supports “Trump’s Wall” – legal entry

Self-Reliance – reduce entitlement program

School choice – allowing families power

Believes in “Americanism” – no labels

Repeal of IRS- “Fair Tax” in place by 2030

Cut Fed. Govt. by 60% by 2040 – cut waste

Energy Independence – clean fracking

Term Limits – all elected federal officials

Reform Electoral College – “fair based”

Supports 2nd amendment – “Right to Defend”

Multi-payer Health Care – individual choice

Eliminate Social Security by 2030 – Fair Tax

Privatize Retirement – individual retirement

Supports Strong Military – deters aggression

Balance Budget amendment – by 2028

Redo “Student Loan” Process – Pre-Carter

Supports ‘Right to Life of Unborn’

Supports ‘School Prayer’ – all schools

Foreign aid to allies only – no aid to Foes

Repeal 17th amendment – by 2028

Supports punishment of media – fake news

End career lobbyist – remove ALL lobbyist

Supports all American’s ‘fair wages’ – ALL

Seeks voters who mirror my core values “Americanism” – We the People

Garlington “Americanism”- We the People

Progressive based

Supports open borders

Supports federal handout programs

Supports governmental indoctrination

Supports labels of Americans

Supports high taxes

Supports more ‘entailment programs’

Supports eliminating fossil fuels

Democratic Status Quo

Supports eliminating Electoral College

Supports ‘leftist’ Democratic Party to restrict- 2nd amendment

Supports Obama Care

Supports S.S’s implosion

Supports Government Dependency

Democratic Status Quo

Democratic Status Quo

Supports free education, no student debt

Supports ‘Planned Parenthood’

Democratic Status Quo

Supports foreign aid regardless friend or foe

Democratic Status Quo

Democratic Status Quo

Bans former career politicians as lobbyist

Democratic Status Quo

Democratic Status Quo

High taxes, open borders, crime & abortion