My Reform Promises

Assimilation Psychology Definition

Assimilation, as defined by psychologists, is one of the two ways that people absorb new knowledge. It is most frequently seen in children and immigrants, but anyone at any stage of life may use assimilation to evaluate and absorb new information. Piaget defined assimilation as a cognitive process in which we take new information and experiences and incorporate them into our preexisting ideas or world view.

The other way is through accommodation, a cognitive process in which new information replaces old beliefs. Assimilation is much more common, especially in adults, as information is usually processed about our existing belief system.

Good ole fashion assimilation. I believe most if not all Americans would want to improve on themselves in becoming better American citizens while continuing to assimilate to America’s values and laws. 

I believe to be a responsible and good American citizen, we must know and fully understand these immortal words, We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. 

Yet, ¼ of all American citizens still do not believe in assimilating, because if they did would not support liberal, progressive, socialist policies of open borders that Stephanie Murphy, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and Nancy Pelosi support as Democrats. By believing in open borders for illegal aliens these American Citizen Democrats alien themselves with American chaos.

I have been a major border security advocate for over 30 years. I did not agree with President Reagan’s decision to cave into Democratic liberal, social, and progressive rhetoric and lies, which allowed over 6 million illegal aliens in becoming American citizens. 

You see, the Democrats lied when they assured the Reagan administration and all of America that they would stop illegal aliens onto American shores if President Reagan approved the legalization of those 6 million illegal aliens. 

Yet today in 2020, Stephanie Murphy, Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, AOC, and the Squad welcome any illegal alien onto our shoreline to cause chaos because these illegal aliens would be a voting block for the liberal socialist Democrat Party.


This is a major reason I am running for United States House of Representatives, to stop the influx of the Democrat Party who continue to lie, cheat and steal American freedoms of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. How could an American receive the pursuit of happiness when Democrats want open borders to illegal aliens?

Protecting our American borders should not even be a debate. We as a country need to stop all illegal immigration period! 

If these illegal aliens are caught along with family members like children then they all are breaking American law and should be punished. And if any private company is caught aiding and abetting these illegal workers then they too should be fined and imprisoned as well. 

Politicians who support this ridiculous subject of having free entitlement programs, free rein of illegal aliens against law-abiding American citizens should be removed from office or imprisoned under the Benedict Arnold Law from which I will submit to Congress when I am elected. 


My stance on the issue of Immigration along with border security is as follows:

  1. Continue the Trump Wall and secure the country from illegal alien immigration surrounding the 48 US states. 
  2. Provide electronic devices such as drones, CCTV cameras, along with border agents to keep America safe.
  3. Punish and deport anyone who abuses or overstays regarding their use of their US Visa. 
  4. No more sanctuary cities on American soil. 
  5. All illegal aliens who are caught will be determined with legal punishment depending on the individual illegal alien caught. (case by case)
  6. Any illegal alien who comes forth and turns themselves in to law enforcement voluntarily will avoid fines and imprisonment; however, they will be deported and could file in a legal manner. (Called back in-line law).
  7. For legal immigrants to migrate to become American citizens, assimilation must be in place. These legal immigrants would go through a background check, must learn to speak and read the English language, and understand American laws.

All American citizens naturalized or not must assimilate as Americans. This means certain offenses will no longer be tolerated. The American flag will no longer be burnt, torn or ripped in a perverse manner. No federal or state monuments would no longer be physically destroyed or vandalized in any manner. Fines and imprisonment will be punishment. Some violet acts against assimilation as American citizens could be punished under the Benedict Arnold Law, I would introduce as legislation once I am your Congressman. 

Now in the year 2020 AD, it seems man’s thrust of knowledge is still relevant and prevalent; however, I am not so sure America’s public schools are measuring up to the excellence American school kids had 80 years ago? 

What I have seen firsthand, having graduated inside a governmental public school system 42 years ago, to what I am seeing now, grades 1-12 is shocking. Children being controlled by educators throughout all levels. Brainwashing, twisting of facts with fiction, pushing a liberal, socialist, progressive, and communist narrative, is shameful as an American father and grandfather to witnesses. 

According to the definition of the word educate “to bring up” or “to raise” is not happening with today’s children when it comes to American Education. With this political ideology of socialism being taught to our children is one of the major reasons Americans are divided. It’s all about ideology. Look at what Adolf Hitler said about governmental schools.

“The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.”

― Adolf Hitler

We all know what Adolf Hitler stood for and the biggest reason his propaganda moved forward was because of his governmental control over the educator who had control of the children.

This is one of many reasons I am running for a Congressional seat inside the House of Representatives in 2020. As a Conservative based Independent, I would caucus with the Republican Party, however, as an Independent American Reformer, I would not be tied to a liberal or progressive piece of legislation introduced by a future Republican. My Christian, Constitutionalist, Conservative and Capitalist values would supersede any party alliances because I would be representing the voters inside my district first and foremost.

By electing Stephanie Murphy, you will empower Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi AOC, and Chuck Schumer among others in power while keeping you, your children, and grandchildren in continued bondage.

My plan to reform the educational school system here in America is to bring back the lost, meaning of “Bring up or to Raise”. 

To raise awareness and bring up our children and grandchildren’s knowledge of factual information such as 

  • Standard civics
  • Grammar
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Sciences.

Especially a factual history of Americana and that of world events. Introduce a bill in Congress that will establish America’s official language as English and be required by all American citizens to be educated set forth.

Far too long the public school system (which I have called government institutions) is teaching our young people false information while moving a political narrative into brainwashing our children’s impressionable minds. I call this process the “Jim Jones” of educational thought. This process of drinking the Kool-Aid has run amuck for nearly 40 years. 

If elected, one of my first official duties will be to bring a voice to Washington, by introducing a bill to defund the NEA, the National Education Association and remove the United States Department of Education and send those employees back to the individual states. 

The Department of education established on May 4th, 1980, is a money pit of waste inside the Federal Government. It has over 4,000 governmental workers and a $130 billion dollar budget. It’s time to reduce federal programs and the Department of Education would be a great first step in trimming the federal fat.

Next is the defunding of the NEA. This organization began way back in 1857; however, this evil and harmful organization since 1959 has collectively grown from a few thousand members, to now; over 2.9 million members. It continues to dumb down our children and grandchildren with their political indoctrination and falsehoods. This institution is located right in the heart of Washington DC, known as the ‘SWAMP’.

Here are a few of what the NEA currently stands for: 

  1. They Discourage school vouchers and all forms of competition with public schools, in other words; they do not want public merit-based educators, they are against parental control of the parent’s children, and they want only educational indoctrination through a governmental process where the NEA is in control of the child’s mind. 
  2. The NEA supports governmental tenure-based teachers with entitlement raises and pensions; regardless if the educator is qualified or exceeding merit-based goals. In other words, the NEA supports keeping unquantified, burnt out, disgruntled tenured based teachers, whose purpose is receiving better pay and pensions; instead of rewarding teachers with merit raises and ways of keeping their jobs based upon the performance of educating our children. 

Governmental public school institutions have also brought bondage upon the Common American by the removal of school prayer or a moment of silence with the landmark decision by the Supreme Court, Engel v. Vitale (1962). 

In short, this public based governmental school program called the NEA has failed to improve the excellence of higher education for many American schoolchildren. Their lack of factual information, important goal attainment, bringing forth high achievements have missed the mark of American excellence for nearly 60 years. This is unacceptable and it is time for all conservative-minded American parents to help defund the NEA and disband the Department of Education to the individual states as quickly as we can.


My solution to governmental public school institutions:

  1. Privatizing these schools would operate as a private business. Pay educators based upon experience but also the merit of excellence. (Inside these private schools the fundamentals of education like standard civics, grammar, English, mathematics, and sciences would be required). This standard formula would be supported by and set forth through a collective body of educators where all US Territories and US States would have to adhere to regarding the basics of American education. 
  2. Charter Schools. An alternative educational system where schools receive US State funding, not federal funding. Parents would match monies for their children. These parents receive a more flexible and more direct way of involvement with child and school. Educators would be graded with merit-based pay through the state and county. The fundamentals would be required, but a greater latitude through parental involvement would exist.
  3. Home Schooling. The fundamentals would be required, but what better way of a parent who wants to stay home educating their child with the knowledge all human beings thrust for. The standard requirement of testing through the US States would administer the growth of the child’s educational process. 
  4. Public Schools phased out. With every plan, we must have a comprehensive approach of application. With public governmental schools, the approach would be called ‘The Phase Out Program’. We would pass bipartisan law to remove the NEA from the federal program down to the US States, where the States would phase out all federal funded public schools. This phase-out program according to the US State would begin adopting the fundamental basics. Then each US State and US Territory would implement by turning those public schools into private schools, charter schools, and home schools until all public schools are phased out. While a school is still under the public banner, the state, the county, the city, and the municipality would impose a tax upon American taxpayers where they reside, to help fund these public schools up until these schools become charter or private schools. This public phase out program would apply to grades 1-12, elementary, middle school and high schools.

Since the formation of the Articles of Confederation, along with the United States Constitutional; there have been lots of debates regarding the correct and fair way in choosing the President of the United States. 

Many of the founding fathers thought a popular vote from the people should be the direction of electing a president. Others, who opposed this idea felt smaller states would not be represented because of their size in the newly formed Republic. While others felt that electors chosen by the states on a one-time basis every 4 years would be the fairest route to take.

In the end, compromises would evolve where Congress would be divided according to Article One of the US Constitution where each US state would have 2 US Senators represent the state chosen by the state legislators until this changed by the ratification of the 17th amendment in 1913.

The other branch of Congress known as the United House of Representatives would comprise based upon the population of the US state. The larger the population the more US House of Representatives would be chosen to represent the people of that Congressional district. Every 10 years after the census is taken where the number of US Representatives of each state could increase or decrease. 

This is how the Electoral College is set up today. Today there are 50 US states which comprise of 2 US Senators representing each US state. The number of House of Representatives is still based upon the size of the population of that state. With a least one US Representative representing each US state. And now with Washington DC having 3 electors, the current Electoral College amounts to 538 electors. When a President receives 270 electoral votes he is the new President-elect.

The electors are still chosen by each US state every 4 years. The Founding Fathers felt these electors would vie for the chance to be chosen through the state process and would cut out or keep the corruption of electors in check. However, this has not been the case, because there has been some sort of corruption over the years. 

The popular vote count in presidential elections did not begin until the1824 election; however, the popular vote has never determined a presidential election. Because the first time a president won the presidency with fewer popular votes was in the 2016 presidential election.

The way presidential elections are determined is still by the Electoral College which is a non-direct election where these electors determine who becomes the president. Because if the Electoral College was changed to popular vote, by which the Democratic Party advocates would bring forth more bondage onto the American people because smaller states would have no representation. 

It could also prevent democracy from continuing where a dictatorship could occur if not controlled, like what happened in Venezuela. 

The current system of The Electoral College is still the best and fairest way in choosing our Prescient; however, for years I have advocated in changing or reforming some things to make the process even fairer.

This is my recommendations in reforming the Electoral College

  1. I would eliminate the state-sponsored electors and have the electors be the elected officials which would be the US Congress. There are 100 US Senators, and 435 US Representatives, along with 3 votes for Washington DC. This still equals the 538 electoral votes but the cast members would be the elected official’s during the presidential election.
  2. Bring in the popular vote to some degree. The US states comprise of 2 US Senators. The presidential candidate who wins the popular vote 50% plus 1 would take those 2 electoral votes. 
  3. The way we choose our US Senators today is by popular vote. Prior to the ratification of the 17th amendment in 1913, the US states choose their US Senators through the state legislative process and the Governor. In other words, a conservative state would choose 2 US Senators who were normally conservative to represent that state in Congress. Prior to 1913, the US states had greater power, thus the people of the state had greater influence and representation. Now with the popular vote in place, a conservative US state could elect a liberal US Senator like Florida did over 25 years by sending Senator Bill Nelson (D) Florida, who represented his party, not the US State he resided in. So we would repeal the 17th amendment and introduce a new amendment to choose our US Senators differently.
  4. The House of Representatives would be an elector and cast their presidential vote for the president based upon the popular vote inside the representative’s own district. For example, Florida has 29 electoral votes as of 2020. 27 of these electoral votes represent the districts based upon the population of Florida’s 2010 census. Right now the electors of Florida are people chosen by high powered political influencers. These electors could be former elected officials, lobbyists, corporate officials, etc. Not by regular Common Americans like you and me. So by eliminating these people and replacing those with elected House of Representatives, chosen by the people inside that district makes the playing field a bit fairer. Here is the twist. If the presidential candidate wins that congressional district regardless of the political party that congressman (the new elector) would have to cast his vote for that candidate. Even if she was a liberal democrat if her congressional district voted for a conservative then that liberal would be bound to cast her vote to that conservative candidate based upon rules of the election process. This way the PEOPLE has a direct connection where their one electoral vote will be placed based upon the % of the popular vote cast inside that district. 

This new Electoral College Reform Bill would remove some of the bondage the Federal Government has over Common Americans. We would become freer and our US states would have better representation based upon the ideology of the state because US Senators would now be elected by the state legislators and Governor. 

The electors would be eliminated and Congressman and Senators would now cast the electoral votes, and popular vote would be in play inside the congressional districts and the US state.

This reform bill would have great ramifications onto all Americans in a positive way where our Republic would thrive for years to come.

Bondage of any sort should be looked at as disgusting. 

Definition of bondage

  1. the tenure or service of a villein, serf, or slave
  2. a state of being bound usually by compulsion (as of law or mastery): such as
    2. servitude or subjugation to a controlling person or force American people in bondage Governmental Tyranny of Control

I pray that anyone who just read that definition regarding bondage is angry; and if so, then I want you to ‘Get up from your sofa and walk to the window and Yell Out’ “I am Mad as Hell and I am not going to take it anymore.” 

This is the very thing our Federal Government is doing to every American citizen. They are controlling our lives and keeping us in perpetual bondage. 

This is why I am making Energy Independence part of my political platform as I seek a Congressional seat inside the House of Representatives. President Trump’s high achievement thus far has been fantastic. America is more energy independent in 2020 then we have been since the 1940s. 

Becoming energy independent empowers America. We begin to have more control as a nation, while other countries would no longer bully America with high oil prices. This is what I wrote about in my 2014 book, It’s Your Choice America. You see, by becoming energy independent this improves the lives of all American citizens, and makes our country superior and powerful.  It can also lead to less foreign conflicts like WAR!

However, the liberal, socialistic and progressive Democrats like Stephanie Murphy, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, and AOC want fossil fuels eliminated in America. Bowing to other countries, being ashamed, hoping America falls back into a mediocrity society of despair and continued bondage. 

Stephanie Murphy cannot stand the fact President Trump has brought energy independence and less bondage (even though Trump has long way to go on removing the chains of bondage) that I have written about and supported for nearly 3 decades. 

By voting for Stephanie Murphy and any democrat will keep all Americans, young & old, rich & poor, male & female, black & while, gay & straight, legal & illegal citizens in puerperal never ending bondage. 

By electing me as your Independent American Reformer you will join our movement called Americanism, which is the belief in self-reliance, limited government, energy independence and much more.

Americanism is Freedom.

My Platform to Continue the Trump Energy Independence Movement is as follows:

  1. Continued use of fossil fuels with clean techniques like managed fracking
  2. Offshore drilling with newer safer regulations of clean drilling
  3. Empower private companies (without federal assistance) to be competitive with the Federal Government oil reserves.
  4. Slowly invest in private non-assisted by federal or state government of monies, but by private investors to move to cleaner ways of energy like wind and sun.

If you elect Stephanie Murphy you’re electing Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, AOC and her gang. They will decide what type of patient is seen by a physician. Older folks will be pushed aside and left to die in the streets, while future generations will have to work as slaves just to pay for their own healthcare until they are old and discarded.

By sending me to Congress as your CAIR Representative (Conservative, American, Independent, Reformer) I will continue to help President Trump move his legislation of FREEDOM and reduce the current bondage of every American Citizen.  Here’s how I am going to improve American’s lives and Freedom when it comes to a better healthcare plan

MY Funded Affordable Independent Reliable 


HealthCare Plan 

 A plan that will restore some freedom to every American


  1. Continue the Trump plan of wide open borders when it comes to legal American citizens shopping and choosing their own individual healthcare plan across state lines shall not be abridged.
  2. Basic healthcare coverage open to all legal American citizens regardless of a pre-existing condition shall not be denied.
  3. Eliminate all corporate or work related healthcare plans and begin healthcare coverage on an individual basis, shall be open for all legal American citizens.
  4. All legal American citizens would have the right to decline basic or any kind of healthcare coverage if they choose to waive their right, without holding any state, county, city, or physician responsible if an individual declines healthcare coverage.
  5. All legal American citizens will not be denied medical treatment in case of an emergency. If an individual has voluntarily rejected any basic healthcare coverage and is treated because of an emergency, that individual would be responsible for 1/3 of the bill.
  6. All individuals on a current Medicare plan shall remain on their plan forever if they choose.
  7. If an individual is between 59-64 years of age, they will have an option to enter current Medicare plans or choose the new “FAIR” Healthcare plan.
  8. All individuals’ ages 0-18 will have basic healthcare provided by the Federal Government and the bill shall be called, Children First Healthcare coverage.
  9. Once an individual has selected “FAIR” a funded affordable individual reliable healthcare plan, pricing would be based upon age, pre-existing, and gender and prices at that time, would be locked into place without a price increase, as long as that individual does not op-out and then reenters the healthcare system. Example #1 – A 35 year old male, has a pre-existing condition, chooses ABC healthcare provider in 2020, @ a price of $200 per month for basic coverage, and stays with ABC healthcare for 30 years, that price for that male now 75 would still be $200 per month for basic coverage.  Example #2 – A 35 year old male, has no preexisting in 2020 let’s say would be $180 per month with ABC Company, he too would be locked in @ $180 per month for basic unless he opts out. The pricing is different in the two examples because one male has a preexisting condition, and the other patient does not.
  10. Pricing structure for locked in prices as follows: 0-18- Provided by Federal Government; 19-28 provided by XYZ provider would be divided into preexisting condition vs non-preexisting condition, male vs female, smoker vs non-smoker, same with all ages as follows: ages 29-38, ages 39-48, ages 49-58, ages 59-68, ages 69-78, ages 79-88, ages 89-98, 99-, all locked in basic healthcare prices as long as individual has not opted out and returned. 
  11. Once an individual opts out as a 35 year old in 2020 no preexisting paying $180 per month and ops back in at age 38 with no preexisting condition, and the new prices in 2025 is $212 per month, then that individual is locked in @ $212 unless he opts out again. 
  12. Individuals will have options to purchase specific coverage such as cancer insurance healthcare, heart attack, mental illness, maturity, accidental, long term and short term, etc. shall not be denied and these prices will locked in as well with the coverage explanations. These specific plans would be additional coverage that works in conjunction with the basic healthcare coverage.
  13. Physicians would be paid 1/3 of price by an individual based upon age, gender, and reason for the visit, examples, physicals, colds, broken bones, etc. and all physicians would post their prices for patients. The healthcare provider would pay the physician 2/3 price of that individuals visit.
  14. Hospitals, outpatient and clinics receiving patients will post prices of services and that these prices would be available for individuals seeking coverage. Payment of physicians, clinics, outpatient, and hospitals will receive payment from patient and healthcare provider, based upon basic and specific plans of individual. Again the 1/3 rule for individuals, and 2/3 prices paid by healthcare provider.

Americans this is the beginning of a new Capitalistic Free Society of “FAIR” Healthcare coverage. As we evolve things can be tweaked and refined based upon our country. The bottom-line of this coverage will reduce the Federal Government’s involvement as we begin to reduce the limits of the Federal Government.

When we cut off the funding to these current healthcare providers we as Americans will receive funded affordable individual reliable healthcare known as “FAIR” Healthcare, from competent providers who care about American’s as they provide quality healthcare, instead of sticking it to Americans based upon greed

This plan works for all legal American citizens, by reducing bondage taking place upon our children and grandchildren. That’s what it’s all about.

Ever since the formation of America in 1776, America has been a stomping ground for immigrants seeking a better way of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That saying still resonates inside the Declaration of Independence

It’s the biggest reason why I am running for United States House of Representatives, in Central Florida’s 7th Congressional District in 2020.

You see, America is a melting pot of immigrants. America is also the greatest country on the planet which welcomes all legal immigrants. But since the middle 1960s career politicians inside Washington’s beltway have used identity politics as a “tool of propaganda” to fool certain American voters.

Then in the 1990s political correctness (PC) was the new term used by the liberal, progressive media as they attached themselves to these liberal progressive politicians. By using PC and identity politics in an ‘all in fashion’ of fooling certain American voters, the Democratic Party has captured the black voter, the far left female voter, the LGBTQ voter, the Latino, and Asian voter, and the young voter. Lying to these groups of voters that Conservatism is sadistic, racist, homophobic, and evil. 

This is far from the truth.

It seems, the Democrats’ identity politics message has morphed into America’s everyday lingo, that some conservative journalists have used phrases like African Americans when it comes to black people, Gay Americans when it comes to homosexual men, and feminists when it comes to far-left female voters.

If anyone asked me how I would identify these same voters, my answer would be, a black voter, a male voter, and a female voter. 

You see when you use identity politics inside America, you separate groups. Separation of Americans plays into the hand of the Democratic Party who want total control over these groups. 

These groups who identify themselves as African Americans, Gay Americans and Feminists are being bound by bondage of liberal, socialist, progressive ideology. These groups don’t realize they have been exploited for VOTES and POWER!

We are Americans. We’re on the same team called America.

My solution to eliminate identity politics in America would embrace all Americans and welcome them all onto our TEAM called AMERICANISM!

What would happen when this all comes together?

  1. Separation of groups would no longer exist.
  2. Life would be extended as crime and conflict would be reduced.
  3. Liberty of FREEDOM would begin to grow as the Federal Government’s hold over Americans through the Democratic playbook would be destroyed.
  4. The pursuit of Happiness would resonate.
  5. America would be stronger as the Team of America would grow.

Conservatism is Americanism. Americanism equals Freedom.

My Mission Statement to all Americans

To ensure every American Citizen Freedom from Governmental Tyranny regardless of race, gender, creed, sexual orientation, or economic status in concert with America’s fundamental values, of life liberty, and the pursuit of happiness shall not be abridged.

My Vision Statement to all Americans

To empower every American Citizen the opportunity of true Freedom inside The United States of America.

As your elected Congressman, I will make all Americans feel embraced to achieve the mission and the vision of our movement. The movement of Americanism. Because if we are going to reside inside the greatest country on the planet, we as Americans might as well be the greatest people on the planet. And this will only occur if we remove the bondage and take back FREEDOM!

They say education is the key to moving ahead. It is presumed that if one person has a limited education versus someone that has an extended education, the one who has a greater educational foundation will turn out to be successful than the one with a limited educational process.

Not so fast…

First off nothing is guaranteed in life other than death. So when it comes to an extended formal education like college (beyond the 12 years of required formal education) I would surmise it really depends on the individual.

Today a college education (4-year degree) is being pushed by liberal, socialist and progressive politicians, professors, corporations, etc.

This is control over Students which equates to bondage.

You see, there is a large number of Americans that are thriving after completing a 2-year plan or graduating with a technical profession while enjoying what they do for a living; as opposed to the college student receiving a 4-year degree and never utilizing that degree in the real world of their profession. 

You see, when a 4-year college graduate has a huge debt and not making the money they went to school for is total bondage; and it’s criminal when society pushes these students into believing that “higher education” will make them successful. 

Once they graduate and realize they are working without applying the degree they received has put a strain on their physic and has left them disenchanted with the entire American system. 

So who is to blame for the huge debt and despair these college kids are going through? Here is my simple answer.

  1. The college kid.
  2. The parent who may not have guided their child the right way.
  3. The Federal Government backs the loans of these kids who should be looking into a technological degree.
  4. The Colleges who receive Federal Government subsidies so these public colleges can pass their monies to the professors instead of helping out the students. Then these colleges offer these students a college education knowing that 45% will flunk out with huge debt. To add to this criminal behavior, these students who do graduate are paying for huge debt because these colleges never lowered their costs, and these students were coned into believing a 4-year degree was a pathway to success in America. 
  5. The career politician who passes bad legislation has controlled the Common American with incentives of propaganda and helps support the college system with subsidies that pay for these liberal professors but do not assist in the student.
  6. The American voter, who continue to vote and reelect these career liberal, social, and progressive politicians who take advantage of the Common American.

My Student Loan Solution

  1. Take the Federal Government out of the equation. No more backed loans for college students.
  2. Return the loan process to funded banks, and attach the college with the person who will cosign for the student’s loan. An example- Let’s say Johnny doesn’t have the “right stuff” to go to college the bank and the college will not take Johnny in because he is a huge risk. But if Johnny does have the “right stuff”, then the college would cosign for the loan along with Johnny to repay the bank.
  3. No more Federal Government monies to public and private schools. The new law will be, sending the funding to the US States when it comes to funding public colleges instead of the Federal Government funding the college. This way the people of the US State will have a greater say-so if a public college receives a grant or subsidies from the US State. If the people reject or approve a college receiving grant monies then the people of the US State should have the power to agree or disagree. 
  4. For the current debt that has been accumulated by students still in college or out of college, the repayment should be mandated by the Federal Government to require the college and the student to split the cost and repay the Federal Government. For example- If Johnny went to USC regardless if he graduated or not, then USC would have to repay the Federal Government ½ of the remaining loan to the Federal Government, and Johnny would repay the Federal Government ½ of his debt.

When we remove the Federal Government’s involvement in our daily lives, which includes College Education; Common Americans will be free from the bondage that is currently in place. 

Self-reliance will set in and more college students will have a greater opportunity in what they want to do with their life without a noose around their neck called student debt.

Benedict Arnold was an American military officer who served as a general during the American Revolutionary War, fighting for the American Continental Army before defecting to the British in 1780. George Washington had given him his fullest trust and placed him in command of the fortifications at West Point, New York. Arnold planned to surrender the fort to British forces, but the plot was discovered in September 1780 and he fled to the British. His name quickly became a byword in the United States for treason and betrayal because he led the British army in battle against the very men whom he had once commanded.

As your Congressman, I will take to Washington and introduce a bill called, The Benedict Arnold Law, advocating punishment for those American citizens and corporations who advocate or commit treason using their power over common Americans by spreading fiction or ‘Fake News’ against the United States of America and its people in conjunction with moving a political message. 

In short, this law will not affect individuals who exercise their right to assemble freely, and for those who choose to speak out against others in protest or debate. 

This law shall be applied to citizens privately or publicly along with mega-corporations who knowingly have authority over the masses of the American people; and who abuse their power and authority in moving false political propaganda to influence the masses without fact-based knowledge.

The term “Fake News” has been used for at least 5-10 years. This term is loosely based upon practices of past regimens using political propaganda to alter the course of public opinion based upon fiction and fake news.

The Benedict Arnold Law would prohibit the knowing usage of fiction or fake news that mobilizes common Americans into believing something that is made up or has not been factually verified. 

Here are some examples of those who hold powerful positions that could be held accountable to The Benedict Arnold Law:  

Individuals holding power located inside the federal, state, city, and county governments, (politicians, lobbyists, judges, law enforcement, and high to low-level government employees). Teachers, professors, and educational instructors who knowingly are shaping young generations with false information with a specific political agenda.

Corporations like the news media, (television, newspapers, internet, and social media) abuse their power by spreading false information to the public as fact-based. If information is not verified as fact-based, then to avoid the punishment of The Benedict Arnold Law, the information can be delayed until all facts are in, or the information can be labeled as opinion through the news carrier.

I am not trying to stop or reduce free speech guaranteed by the 1st amendment. On the contrary, I am trying to slow down the powerful elitism inside the Washington beltway and to stop surrounding cites committing fake political propaganda through the funnel of the media.

It’s okay to report the news factually, but it’s a whole other issue when the media and powerful bureaucrats spread ‘Fake News’ to the people.

I am running for Congress as an advocate for freedom of all Americans. One of the major obstacles that keep Americans in becoming freer is the lies and false information being spread to American citizens as fact-based. 

As Americans, we should have the right to be presented with facts, not fiction; especially in our educational system. This law would prohibit news organizations (TV, newspaper, and internet) from slanting their political propaganda without facts. 

If we apply The Benedict Arnold Law to powerful people and corporations by prosecuting those who slant the balance of power against a generation or country, then I believe others will soon adhere to the rights of the people and begin to report factional news or underline their coverage as opinion. 

This way Americans can decide and this way Americans can become a much freer nation.

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